Friday, April 25, 2014

When the Ring and the Finger Come Together

When the Ring and the Finger Come Together

Fingers are points on our bodies where energy is exchanged.

Rings are made from different metals that superconduct energy. Just as they have been used to create a seal, or to represent the signature of royalty, rings also have the power to leave a powerful stamp inside of us.

We all have different experiences that have created deficits and surpluses in our lives. We try to fill the voids, and also emphasize our strengths.

Each finger has its own character.

Each ring has it own energy.

And together they tell us a story.

Why should this powerful relationship between ring and finger be limited only to the so-called ring finger? Maybe every finger has a unique energy to help us manifest what we want in our lives.

A ring on the index finger can refine our ambition and desire to achieve positions of power and influence.

Wearing a ring on the middle finger, the longest finger on the hand, can strengthen our security while giving us protection, stability and balance.

The next finger, known as the “ring finger” is famous for holding the wedding ring, but any ring on this finger can help us balance our emotions and find satisfaction in a meaningful relationship.

The smallest finger, called the pinky, can enhance the communications of our lives in all its diversity, bringing us greater self-awareness, expression, interpersonal connection, and the power of persuasion.

A ring on the thumb brings the fingers into a fist, thereby increasing our will, our degree of tenacity and our ability to translate words into action.

Stop a moment, close your eyes, imagine the logic of these statements and get connected to this story’s energy. Accept only what makes you smile, because it rings true for you, not just because I said it.

After all, everything begins and ends in our minds and we are the ones that give different meanings to things.

With blessing of a new philosophy


  1. Lovely article :) I used to wear many rings, on many fingers and very much enjoyed the feeling of it. However these days working in an environment where ring getting caught on things could mean losing a finger I do not wear any anymore. Sometimes I try to wear them out, but it feels strange when you no longer are used to it. I enjoyed your perspective though, maybe I'll have to give them another go!

  2. Interesting article Noa :) You know from Ancient Egypt and after Rome there was a legened about the 4th finger.They said that by the ' Vein of Love' it is connected directly with the most important part of the human body - The heart.
    And in Greece mithology they believe that every finger is connected with different God and wearing ring on it mean something. Of cource 'the ring finger' is connected with Afrodita - The God of love.
    So for me it is interrsting while You are wearing this ring...what You want to say with it?Аctually many people do not realised it and even if they are wearing rings it' s just because they like the way it stays on their finger or the ring is really beautiful or something else but nowadays it is understandable because everything around us is in hurry and most of us do not try to see and understand the things in general deeply.
    You are right that every finger with the right ring could help us bringing postitive and successful energy :) But we should find the right ring and also we should believe I think :) Cause for me The faith is the key!
    Best wishes!


    1. Evi Velinova,
      My lovely lady, thank you so much for your deep comments. You make me think and learn new things!
      And yes you right it's all about belief.
      We both know that faith must be in the equation so that the text would work as the headquarters of magic.
      I never forget that we (human beings) gave the meaning to all that we have in our lives!
      So with my Art & my writing, I'm creating something new but in the same breath, something that I feel many of us understand the connections and what i am trying to say.. I hope this makes sense?
      Much love to you and blessings.

  3. What an exciting relationship. Our hands and fingers- possibly the most valuable and powerful part of our body. Made me stop and think just what our hands and fingers do and are capable of. From a gentle touch of love to creating (or destroying) beautiful things. A mere hand gesture can signal rejection or acceptance. My rings ate I feel an extention of me or the things I aspire to. Strengh, beauty, creativity, openness.

  4. Nice. Jewelry has a long history in healing. I have poly-neuropathy and I am wondering if there is a role for jewelry to play in supplementing my other therapies, and contributing toward an anti-inflamatory and nerve regeneration and energy flow.

    1. Hey Eric first I wish you a good health and to find the way to reduce your pain as much as possible.
      I also want to thank you for sharing, you make me learn more and to find some info for you.
      YES :) metals helping to our health.
      Here some of what I read and I will also add the link in the end.
      Wish you the best!!
      Applying metal plates to different parts of the body that correspond to active points to improve health and heal people is known as metallotherapy or siderism. They can be used in various ways. One can apply metal plates to the affected area for a short period of time either directly or through cloth. One can also wear plates all the time. When metal gets into contact with the skin, this connection produces barely perceptible electric current, which affects energy flows in the body. Doctors and scientists proved that with the application of gold, copper, lead or zinc on the affected area, the current flows from the metal piece to the skin. When silver or tin is used, the current flows in the opposite direction - that is, from the skin to the metal. Therefore, gold, copper and lead are recommended to treat the diseases related to impaired functions of organs. Silver and tin are recommended for diseases of excessive functions.

  5. I knew you were a master with coins, but now I see that you are a master with words as well. Beautifully written.

  6. Real nice article written up by you Noa. I never considered this view of the finger and rings but now you have me truly considering to delve into it a bit more and get me a few rings. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Typically speaking I have been wearing rings for a while now. I have been judged as a man who wears multiple rings on various fingers for no specific occasion. It used to be said that the only ring a man should wear is his wedding band, but this article has proved it wrong and thanks to Noa Tam for making things more clearer throughout this article. Many cultures such as Hindus and Sikhs in India wear rings for spiritual purposes and that how I was inspired by the idea of wearing rings not feeling ashamed or embarrassed by others comments.

  8. Fantastic article on Energy, Noa! I LOVE the idea of exploring the different energy intentions aspects of fingers. For me personally, this article is timely, as my wedding band has slipped of my finger. This article confirms that there is deeper meaning in this ring being removed from my finger. Spirit will return the Diamond when my lesson of finding the harmony and balance within mySelf is recognized and accepted, only then am I able to fully committed to another :) Much Love Noa.... Keep shining!! Love and Light surround you in all you do. Peace, Lisa Nicole.

  9. I think your words are well thought of and beautiful to combine a finger and a ring. I my self have only thought of the ring finger as being the finger of 'commitment' and nothing else. The relevance of this finger that many people krave even need to show the rest of the world of their attachment to another is remarkable and i personally believe that many people have forgotten that it should just be a sign of love. We forget that we have a entire hand and concentrate on one little finger, thank you for sharing xx

  10. What a beautiful article from a beautiful woman. I met you once, and your healing energy and good vibrations just shines through. I am still enjoying the fabulous Israeli coin necklace I bought from you. Hugs!!!! Lizzie

    1. I felt the exact same way when I met noatam she is an angel - adorable.

  11. This article is just what I needed to hear, I will start wearing my rings... Thanks noa!

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